Expeditions Isla del Caño (snorkeling)



The tour consist of transportation via boat to a small island of the coast of Uvita, where you will snorkel in the best spot in the south pacific of Costa Rica and enjoy a beautiful hike to the reserves overlook and stone spheres. The boat travel is about an hour and a half depending which route is possible or which you pick. That means that during that travel period you have very good chances of spotting whales and dolphins. On the island the beach is of a very light color and the visibility of the water is crystal clear.


  • The national park entrance fee
  • Lunch
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Bilingual naturalist guide
  • Landmarks (Terraba- Sierpe mangrove swamp, Violines islands, Isla del Caño ranger station, & more.)
  • The tour consist of one or more sessions of snorkeling and or a hike to the stones spheres that are on the island.
  • Transportation is included from Uvita both ways

Tourits Atraction

Whale & Dolphin watching, in the national park Marino Ballena.
Whale watching seasons,
September through October Humpback whales from the Patagonia,
January through March Humpback whales from the north pacific.

Why these gentle giants visit our area not once but twice a year

The Humpback whale visits the tropics to mate and to give birth to their offspring, while in this journey the individuals do not feed they only have one thing on their minds that is to reproduce. The whales that visit this area are unique because thanks to the humpback whales songs recorded in the early 70’s by North American scientist, the conservation of the creatures was jump started. With our tour operators there is a machine that allows you to hear these animals sing, an experience that a young child to an elderly couple will remembers their whole lives. The whales jump early in the season since the males need to impress the females by that a female picks the best performance and with that male she mates. Often The whales tail can be seen and photographed, this is important since no one tail is the same.

When you bring your camera along and are fortunate to capture a good picture of the tail that image can be used to help scientist track the whale trough out the world. Uniquely enough you may also be able to give that whale a name if that is if the whale has never been photographed, a good chance due to that the calf whales are born in our waters. The calf whale is easy to see since it cannot submerge for more then ten minutes, this is due to the calf’s small lungs. This is just a little summery about how unique these animals really are, seeing one is the experience of a life time. We would like to invite you to experience this ecosystem first hand and provide the means to facilitate your travels.

All day tour- during the off season for the whales our tour operator offers the following package.

  • False killer whale all year
  • Short-finned pilot whale all year
  • Dolphins
  • Pan tropical spotted dolphin all year
  • Common bottlenose dolphin all year
  • Central American spinner dolphin
  • Rough-toothed dolphin

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